About Us

Aquarius is a financial trading technology solutions company with a documented history of developing cutting-edge trading technologies for leading institutions and financial exchanges.

Currency trading impacts the lives of everyone in the global community. Having developed the most cost-effective, efficient and fastest trading technology for currency markets, Aquarius has launched the Aquarius Exchange, a transaction fee free marketplace. We believe that, if left unimpeded, the Aquarius trading community can exact an immeasurable positive social impact on humanity as it relates to the pricing of the over 20-quadrillion annual global currency exchange footprint.

Our Mission

Is to serve and empower every trader to do what they do best... trade.

Our Vision

Is to promote and inspire a trader-centric, free and fair trading community for the greater good of all.

Aligned with our mission and distinct from our peers, the Aquarius technology serves and empowers the global trading community by rewarding (rather than charging) its members for their trading contribution. By championing our trading community, the critical functions of price discovery, liquidity and exchange are optimized and rewarded, resulting in greater wealth to our trading members and the world with which they transact.